Work with Sahaja

Sahaja has the ability to create simple solutions for your stickiest problems, helping you to live your life, as you know yourself to be.

Initial Appointment~ Connecting to your nature

In your first Pathways to your Light walk & talk appointment you will be guided to connect to your own true self, remember who you are and communicate your truth with clarity and confidence.

You will be encouraged to go deep into who you are and who you are becoming with time-honoured tools that are profound in their simplicity, deeply revealing and transformative.

Together, we will gain a deeper understanding of your desires and aspirations, while also addressing any obstacles that may be hindering your progress on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level.

We will be immersing ourselves in the wonder of nature and the nature of you to help you to shine your light

Follow Up Appointment ~ Building and deepening awareness and life skills

Your follow-up appointments will be where we continue on your personal journey to shine your beautiful light.

Here's where we peel away the layers that get in the way of vibrancy and aliveness and give rise to creation of new habits, patterns and lifestyle.

You will be encouraged to reveal and release, be courageous and confident and step into the you, who is waiting for you.

Online Consultation

If you're not located in our area or would rather an online appointment you can book for a Zoom consult to provide you with the support and clarity you need.

These sessions can be arranged at a time that works for both of us, taking into account any time differences.

To get started, choose a preferred date and time (taking into account your time zone) and I will send the Zoom link to you via email or sms.

Mentoring Program ~ by invitation

When you are ready to dive deep, willing to examine and implement new ways of being that make a massive impact on your life, your dreams, your family and your world then this program is what you are looking for.

This program is for those of you who know you are here for a reason and are willing to step or leap into revelations of self that will make the difference you have been yearning for!

The support you receive will be next level from both myself and your own guidance which is just waiting for you to tap into.

It is designed to guide and support you as you step outside your comfort zone and push yourself towards meaningful growth and transformation.

This is what one of last year's participants had to say .........."Sahaja you have been the most empowering person/experience, who I feel really sees and understands me; I now feel I have tools to use when I feel like I am in ‘caught up in my head space’, I communicate better, and most importantly I feel like I have someone looking out for me and my best interests – And that makes me know I can do anything!"

This program is by invitation ~ you are welcome to make enquiries about what's included and whether this would be suitable for you

Discovery Chat ~Free

An opportunity to ask questions, particularly if you are ready to show more of yourself and to connect deeply to your own truth and discover if working with Sahaja would serve you well.

Services Available

symbol of enlightenment
symbol of enlightenment

Couples Counselling

I have a unique approach to couples counselling which is somewhat different to the normal office style experience.

Firstly all my appointments are conducted in nature which is for a number of reasons, the most important being, that people are able to relax and be much more themselves when walking and talking, as opposed to being in a clinical setting.

Secondly when I commit to working with a couple your first appointments will be individual.

Once these are complete we will come together for your subsequent sessions as a couple.

This gives the opportunity for both of you to feel heard and have the freedom to express yourselves without the judgements that may have crept into your relating.

After all, within a relationship, our first and most important relationship is with the self. Get that right and many things which are attributed or blamed on the partnership, resolve on their own accord