truth seeking consultant

Sahaja Springer

together we solve your most difficult problems easily

You were born to shine!

Find your sense of self, your passion, and connect to the nature of who you are, with Pathways to Light.

I help you to:

# Find your purpose

# Remember who you are

# Shine your light brightly

# Know what is your next step

Experience the transformative power of ecotherapy and reconnect with your own nature by journeying on a Pathway to Light with Sahaja

# Solve your difficult issues

# Connect to your authenticity

# Access your own wisdom

# Implement self-care

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a woman in a car smiling at the camera
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Who is Sahaja?

Sahaja is a trusted truth seeking consultant for those who wish to see and be seen, remember who you are, connect to your essence and to shine brightly.

Pathways to Light offers a transformative experience that will help you tap into your own knowingness, appreciate, embrace and love yourself so that you can put aside any reasons why you shouldn't shine brightly!

What others say about working with Sahaja

"If you truly want to make changes to how you do life then work with Sahaja.

After each session with her I have been blown away by the ground we have covered and the changes that have had a huge impact on my life, business and overall well being."

- Bryn Edwards

”Sahaja's ability to always be present in the moment and provide healing has been a true source of inspiration to me as we have worked through a number of different challenges together.

I always look forward to our time together and can’t wait to see what we uncover next.”

- Carli Peacock

"With gentle guidance and her intuitive gifts, she peels back the layers of the mind, the physical body, and the spirit,

to help you see the truth.

Working with Sahaja is an incredible experience

and I could not recommend her more highly!"

- Anna Christensen

Why I recommend Sahaja and her practice: Top three reasons (I could write a hundred):

​1. Absolutely non-judgmental - aka compassion in truest sense of the word: ‘we suffer together’.

Love, respect and accountability. (Sahaja doesn’t do ‘victim/saviour’).

2. Knowledgeable, wise, thorough - decades of truly holistic training and experience.

Some naturopathic practitioners are dismissive and/or ignorant of allopathic medicine. Sahaja knows the field and is not afraid to investigate.

3. Intuitive, sensitive and truly loving - the greatest gift of all and the reason I would recommend even

one session as a gift to yourself or someone you love:

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sahaja’s joy in the beauty and unique-ness of me is as authentic as my own.

- Jen McKenzie

"After my visit, I noticed a shift straight away, and the very next day, was the first day in a very long time, that I felt

as though I could finally see the light.

And live life, like I knew, I should be living..."

- Denae Brown

I believe in the power of you to shine bright, and to make the difference in the world we are birthing anew!